Would you like to feel more fulfilled, relaxed and energetic?

Do you want to earn more income over the course of your lifetime?

Do you want to be happy, live longer and have a healthier life?

It’s Possible—

You just have to raise your happiness set-point!

We live in a world where having things like money, success, relationships and health bring a certain kind of happiness that’s just a temporary experience of satisfaction or joy. We then hurry up to fulfill the next desire to be happy again.

To experience true and lasting happiness we must learn to access the deep state of peace and well-being that already exists within us — to reach beyond external circumstances, so that no matter what happens in life, we are happy.

In the HAPPINESS NINJA PROGRAM, you will find that as you embrace the exercises and practices, your happiness lifts a little each day. These results compound daily, raising your “Happiness Set-Point.”

This dynamic and interactive course will inspire and motivate you to create a life that is filled with genuine happiness every day. You will be able to:

Expand your ability to experience happiness in all areas of life

Take responsibility — put YOU in the driver seat

Discover how to make your thoughts your allies

Plug yourself into your spiritual flow

Make yourself healthy

Live a life inspired by Purpose

Let LOVE lead in your life

Grow a nourishing network

Own your life, not rent it.

Live better with less

happy lady

Happier people live longer

It’s been scientifically proven!

  • Being happier can promote healthier behaviors. These behaviors lead to reduced inflammation, longevity and less risk of infection

  • Being happy helps you feel connected. We have lost connection and it is a component craved, especially at this point in human history

  • Being happier enhances productivity because you’re better able to stay on task, and boost work performance. Happy people generally get more income, reduced sick days, improved creativity and cognitive flexibility

  • Being happier brings purpose to each day, so you’ll jump out of bed

  • Being happy leads you to build a network of support. People like being around happy people. Being happy allows love to flow to others and for you to experience that elusive self love

  • Being happy has been shown to reduce consumption and increase savings!

Owning your happiness is a mindset shift. This outlook can change your life if you let it.

When there is organization, there is happiness because there is happiness in decluttering and letting go

Here’s what some happy folks have to say…

Working with Lianne, I was impressed. The confidence she inspired throughout was, in a single word, AMAZING! She’s a great coach, extremely patient and a load of fun to be around. You cannot go wrong working with Lianne.


If you are looking to re-energize, make time for yourself, connect with Lianne. Every session will leave you refocused and you will not be disappointed!


Lianne understands. She gets the emotional resistance that comes from life. She has positive yet realistic and kind well-being motivating. Most importantly she’s honest. A true joy to be around especially when they feels upside down.


With her keen professional insight and knowledge Lianne knows how to respectfully guide through the process of being happy. It worthwhile investment indeed.


Fabulous and engaging! Learning how to connect to happiness is something we need to know. I’m feeling more grounded and even confident after this program. So very glad I signed up.


Lianne Hofer is a miracle worker. From the minute we started talking, she offered brilliant suggestions that made my shoulders move down from my ears, and I relaxed. I relaxed about the process because of her brilliant enthusiasm and the way she approached what I deemed to be such a monumental task. Instead of a daunting burden, Lianne made what I thought was impossible—possible!! I’m living proof. Run, don’t walk to work with Lianne! You owe it to yourself to heal.

ASC, Florida

It feels like life gradually got easier and smoother. I am more confident at work, my family relationships have improved and my self talk has upgraded as well! We all need this course. Every one of us.



All classes take place on zoom. There are no pre-requisites and all classes are in English. You will have access to Lianne via Telegram.

What is the time commitment?

Live calls are 60 mins once a week. The group also has a Telegram group for sharing celebrations and asking questions. There is no obligation to utilize this platform although it is a helpful tool.

What if I can’t make it to all the calls, or start on the start date?

The calls will be recorded and saved for you to view later. You will miss the “real time” interaction from the call but the Telegram group will help you fill in the gaps.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an app that works on the computer, tablet and phone. It is a messaging place for us to share in a private group. Only students in Happiness Ninja will be invited. This keeps a safe space for asking questions and sharing.

How long is the course?

The course is 11 weeks with live classes and an additional class offered to be taken within the 11 weeks for your Reiki 1 certification. This certifies you for hands-on Reiki healing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and is a Japanese healing technique based on the principle that energy can be channeled to activate the natural healing process of the client. This technique promotes physical and emotional well being.

Do I need to purchase additional textbooks?

No. The Reiki handbook is included, as well as PDFs. Books may be recommended for support and are optional.

What type of technology do I need?

Your phone, a tablet or a computer. Whichever feels good for you. If you choose to print off the PDFs, you will need a way to do that as well.

What is the investment and how do I pay?

There is a Buy Now button for your payment by credit card. The course is $1500 paid at sign up.

What is included?

11 Weekly one hour calls that are recorded with support PDFs for each topic covered. Closed Telegram group for students to connect and share. This is continued and has membership as long as the group stays active. Additional Reiki 1 class for coursework and certification for hands-on Reiki.

There are ONLY 11 spots available