Hi! I'm Lianne Hofer.

I'm here to guide you through the process of uncovering yourself to find the rich fulfilling life you deserve.


Expand your ability to experience happiness in all aspects of your life.


Feel at peace, have more energy and a sense of security and well-being.


Easily let go of the physical stuff that is holding you back.

Aspects of our lives intersect and where there is disharmony in one area, even if we're not conscious of it, it can impact other areas. For example, happiness can be buried under both our physical and non-physical clutter, that once addressed can free us to pursue the richness life has to offer.

Now that you're here, what do you need help with? Learn how to elevate your happiness, attune your energy and declutter your stuff!

When I was about four years old one of my favorite things to do was going to the diner for lunch with my mom. Our favorite waitress practically skipped over to us each time. One day Mom ordered in a rude tone, never looked up and melted the smile off the waitress's face. Sitting there in that booth with my feet dangling off the bench, I watched the waitress shuffle off and I committed to myself that I was going to BE HAPPY.

Life has it's own plan and it has not always been easy to be happy.  To cope with a mentally ill parent, a deeply depressed parent (and all they pulled me through), I had buried a lot of pain, my self talk was a mess and I was positive I was not good enough! It was tough back then to stay happy.

I remember my mother as a clutter bug and generally miserable. Keeping spaces in our home clear of clutter seemed to help my mother's depression. It felt good to see her in better spirits. Organizing the dining room table (the dumping grounds for papers, knickknacks and general junk) is where decluttering began to speak to my soul. I actually enjoyed pulling everything out of a closet and refolding or reorganizing. Digging into the pantry, cabinet, drawers and flat surfaces that seemed to beg for something, anything to be left on it was my training and I loved it!

My personal game changer was a trip to the spa that supercharged my transformation. On that trip, I experienced Reiki. It gave me the keys I did not know I was searching for that allowed me to release that buried, festered junk and clean up and raise the bar on my own happiness. I have always managed to be happy and deep happiness comes from within, you can have this too!

I have worked through the steps to declutter, to uncover how to be happy and discovered transformative mindsets, exercises, and shifts you can learn too. My passion is teaching people how let go and discover the space for joy, passion, and the happiness that we all deserve. As you journey through this website, find what resonates with you, and connect with me for more information.


Having things and circumstances - money, success, relationships, health - brings a certain kind of happiness, but this temporary experience of satisfaction or joy soon fades and we have to hurry up and fulfill the next desire to feel happy again.

To experience true and lasting happiness, we can learn to access the deep state of peace and well-being that already exists within us—beyond the reach of external circumstances. Then, no matter what is happening in life, we are Happy for No Reason®.

As a Happy for No Reason® Certified Trainer, I can help you:

  • Own your life, don't rent it
  • Discover how to make your thoughts your allies
  • Make your cells happy
  • Plug Yourself into Spirit
  • Live a life inspired by purpose
  • Let love lead in your life
  • Grow a nourishing network

Expand your ability to experience happiness in all aspects of your life, book or attend a workshop - connect with me.


Being happy, healthy – feeling at peace, having more energy, a sense of security and wellbeing, is why I use Reiki.

Birthed in Japan, Reiki is a combination of two words – Rei, meaning “God’s Wisdom” or the “Higher Power,” and Ki, which is “life force energy.”

As a Reiki Master and co-founder of the Charlotte Reiki and Healing Clinic for Kids, I am passionate about sharing Reiki in sessions and training others in this practice (it was my gateway into spirituality.) If you would like a Reiki session, or to find out how Reiki may benefit you, please connect with me.


This treatment flows freely from the practitioner to the recipient, is safe, simple and natural. (Think to how a good hug can make you feel). Reiki treats the whole person including the mind, body, emotions and spirit. This treatment supports all other medical and therapeutic treatments without adverse reactions or interactions. Promoting a sense of well-being, peace and security many of my clients note deeper sleep while overall being more relaxed. It calms the parasympathetic nervous system bringing benefits such as lowered blood pressure, pain reduction, decreased anxiety and strengthening the immune system.


Promoting a sense of well-being, peace and security many of my clients note deeper sleep while overall being more relaxed. It calms the parasympathetic nervous system bringing benefits such as lowered BP, pain reduction, decreased anxiety and strengthening the immune system. Interestingly enough I was asked to share Reiki with a group of doctors at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte NC. Reiki is being used in hospital settings to assist with pain management and the calming effect. Some nursing schools even teach level 1 Reiki to nursing students! Reiki also allows the client to discover or improve upon meditation. I have high functioning business people who come for Reiki in an effort to shut off the switch and just “be” for a while. Sometimes my clients fall asleep and take a Reiki nap! They awake refreshed and with a deep peace about them. 


A Reiki session in person is typically an hour and 15 minutes given on a massage table only removing the shoes. The head is lightly touched as well as the arms and legs from the knee down to the feet. Prefer not to be touched? I can share Reiki with you and without touching. If a you cannot get on a massage table Reiki can be shared while you are sitting in a chair. 


In-person and remote Reiki sessions start at $45 per session.


It’s a simple technique to learn, if that’s even the right word. A Reiki Master transfers the ability to use Reiki, passing it on during an “attunement” which enables the student to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy.” No matter your age, background, or beliefs, you can successfully learn and master Reiki.

In class you will learn Holy Fire II Reiki:

Reiki 1 - share with family and learn to give to yourself. Class is approximately 6 hours • $222. 

Reiki 2 - share with friends and go deeper. Learn hands-off techniques. Class is approximately 6 hours • $333.

Reiki 3 - ART (Advanced Reiki), the energy is further refined. Class is 6 hours and the first part of Reiki Master training.

Reiki Master - share Reiki with others and teach it. Classes combined cover three days (not necessarily consecutive) for 6 hours a day • $1,111

Let me know when the next Reiki training session starts!

I am so excited that my new, co-authored book is now available!

In Navigating the Clickety-Clack, the term “clickety-clack” refers to the sound made by a ten-speed bike when it is between gears and the chain is about to jump from one gear to the next. When you have faith and keep pedaling, you eventually enter a new gear and accelerate. This book series unites talented authors to help you and other readers who are stuck in between gears and want to move on to better things in life.

Michael Beckwith, Dr. John Demartini and myself have set the theme for this new volume. This book focuses on dealing with negative criticism and toxic environments. Whether it is in a personal relationship or in a professional setting, all of the contributing authors have each shared their insights, tools and techniques on how to make positive changes that will contribute to better mental and spiritual health.


Do you love your space or are you feeling stressed, surrounded and overwhelmed by too much stuff?

You're not alone. We all stash stuff in corners, pile it up in closets and squish it behind closed doors. When our space has too much in it we spend time looking for things we should be able to find easily and the clutter starts to weigh us down, stressing us out.

I watched my mother pile, stack, stick, squash and close the door on the things in our home. The struggle was real. There was no time to address it and no energy to deal with it—and often no plan to organize where it all should go, if anywhere.

It's time to feel energized and great about your place! We help clear out the stuff that’s bogging you down, get homes ready to look their best when on the market, help children downsize their parents’ belongings as they transition into assisted living and make packing and unpacking a mover’s dream...

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Realtors can attest to the impact a clutter-free home can make on the length of time a home is on the market. If you’re moving we can de-clutter and organize your home so it can be beautifully staged, as well as minimize what needs to be packed up and transported.

Pairing down what you own before you move saves on moving expenses. And stress. Have The Clutter Consultant pack for your move and then unpack at your new home, making the whole process less stressful. In your new home we will make the beds, fold the linens, and make sure your kitchen items haven’t passed their expiration dates.

Transform your moving experience - ask us about our “New Home” package. If you like the idea of having your bed put together and made up, ready for your first night’s sleep in your new home.


A Place for Everything. It’s easy to accumulate stuff, but when our belongings overcrowd where we live, something’s gotta give! Telling visitors, “Excuse the mess” will be a thing of the past when you hire The Clutter Consultant.

So, where does all your stuff go? You’ll be amazed at what an organized room/closet/garage/home will hold. As we organize we try and find a place for everything you own. Sometimes a charitable donation is a good option and we try and keep items from going into the trash as much as possible.

Our simple three step process will have you loving your space in no time.


Fill out the form below and we’ll find out what you’re dealing with and if we’re a good fit for one another. If we are, we go to the next step.


We take a deep dive into your needs during your in-person Consultation. This may take up to 90 minutes at your location, getting the big picture on what needs to be done, what your budget is, and timeframe. Then we create a roadmap to get to where you want to be.


The third step is Transformation. It may be a single session or multiple, with a session usually at least three hours so we can efficiently get the most done and make the most impact.

Connect to learn more about happiness workshops and events, have a Reiki session or learn Reiki, or get rid of clutter from your space.